Go Cart Accident Kills One in Shreveport

Tragedy struck in Shreveport on Sunday, May 29, 2023, when a man was pinned under a sedan in his go-kart and killed. KTBS reports that on a dimly lit section of the 3700 block of St. Vincent Avenue near Forest Park Cemetery, Shawn Williams was pinned under a sedan when his go-kart made a U-turn and was struck by the other vehicle.

While we don’t know all the details of this accident, it’s quite likely that it could’ve been avoided if a few details were different:

  • Mr. Williams had paid closer attention as he was making a U-turn
  • The other driver had been paying closer attention
  • The road was better lit in that section

It’s possible that the other driver or even the city of Shreveport could be held liable for Mr. Williams’s wrongful death. Who should be held liable is a matter for the courts to decide, but the personal injury lawyers at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys feel deeply for his family at this challenging time.