Gordon McKernan to Use NIL Partnerships to Raise Money for Turner Syndrome Research

McKernan has launched a special campaign to raise money and awareness for Turner Syndrome research. 

Playing for a Purpose

Gordon McKernan has teamed up with Tigers Women’s Basketball players Alexis Morris and Angel Reese for McKernan’s “Playing for a Purpose” campaign, which will raise money for Turner Syndrome awareness and research throughout the month of February. 

McKernan has been eager to maximize his Lady Tiger partnerships to support worthy causes, especially those close to the team’s heart. 

Throughout the month of February, McKernan will donate $20 for every point scored by Morris and Reese to the Turner Syndrome Foundation.  

Turner Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that affects females due to the partial or complete absence of the second X chromosome. Approximately 1 in every 2,000-4,000 baby girls delivered has Turner Syndrome; however, 98-99% of those diagnosed in pregnancy will not make it.  

McKernan, with the help of Morris and Reese, looks forward to supporting the cause and increasing awareness of Turner Syndrome.