Guide to Hit and Run Laws in Louisiana

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In Louisiana, a hit-and-run refers to a car accident where a driver leaves the scene without sharing the required information. Remember, regardless of who is at fault, everyone must stay at the scene and exchange all contact information, including:

  • Full names 
  • Phone numbers
  • Insurance company and policy numbers
  • Drivers licenses
  • License plate numbers

This exchange of information ensures there will be proper handling of any potential damage and injuries. So, a hit-and-run in Louisiana goes beyond just a collision – it involves following the legal and moral duty to stay involved, promoting responsibility and teamwork on the road.

Penalties for Fleeing the Scene of an Accident in Louisiana

Fleeing the scene of an accident in Louisiana carries significant penalties under RS 14:100. Depending on the severity of the incident, hit-and-run drivers can face severe consequences, including hefty fines and imprisonment:

  1. Accident with no injuries: A $500 fine and up to six months in jail.
  2. Accident resulting in injuries or fatalities: Fines up to $5,000 and a potential prison sentence of up to ten years

Gathering Evidence to Identify the Fault Party

Finding the driver who left the scene of a hit-and-run accident in Louisiana involves carefully gathering evidence. It starts with taking pictures of the accident area to show how bad the damage is and understand what happened. Checking nearby businesses for video footage can also help figure out who’s responsible. A mix of different types of evidence is used to build a strong case, including:

  • Police reports
  • Medical records and bills
  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Proof of decreased income
  • Evidence of property damage 

Insurance Company Implications from a Hit and Run Charge

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When a hit-and-run occurs in Louisiana, it has a big impact on insurance companies, affecting both the person responsible and the victim. If someone is to blame for the hit-and-run, their insurance coverage takes a hit too. Their rates could go up a lot, and they might have to handle SR-22 filings to regain their driving privileges. This means they’ll end up paying more and dealing with extra paperwork, making it clear how serious it is to leave the scene of an accident.

On the other hand, the person who gets hit might also notice changes in their insurance situation. Even if they have coverage for accidents caused by uninsured drivers, making a claim could result in slightly higher rates. This is because the insurance company has to use more money to cover the damage, which can lead to a small increase in the victim’s premiums.

Looking at the bigger picture, insurance companies, whose job is to keep people financially protected, adjust their plans to handle the risks linked to hit-and-run accidents. These incidents lead to more claims and payouts, creating a ripple effect throughout the entire insurance system. This could mean that car insurance ends up costing more across the whole state, as insurance companies change their rates to match the increased risk.

Damages You May Be Able to Recover After a Hit-and-Run

After experiencing a hit-and-run accident in Louisiana, you can pursue compensation from the responsible driver or file a claim with your insurer. Your potential recoverable damages span a comprehensive range of critical factors that contribute to your recovery and overall well-being:

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  • Ongoing medical care costs: Ensuring your current and future healthcare needs are adequately covered.
  • Lost income: Accounting for income lost due to the accident and potential future income impacted by your injuries.
  • Treatment-related travel expenses: Recognizing the added financial burden of transportation costs.
  • Physical disability or disfigurement: Valuing the long-term effects on your quality of life.
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering: Acknowledging the enduring impact of the incident on your well-being.

An experienced hit-and-run accident attorney can also help you build a solid case based on your gathered records and receipts. Combined with crash reports, these documents work cohesively to establish the accident’s cause and the at-fault party’s liability, bolstering your case for rightful compensation.

How Long Do You Have to Seek Compensation for a Hit and Run Accident?

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In Louisiana, the time frame to seek compensation for a hit-and-run accident is governed by legal statutes. Specifically, CC Art. 3492 outlines the statute of limitations for personal injury cases, while CC Art. 2315.2 pertains to wrongful death cases.

 In both instances, you have a one-year window to pursue compensation, so you’ll want to consult with a highly skilled car accident attorney as soon as possible to better your chances of getting justice for your case.

How a Louisiana Hit and Run Lawyer Can Help

In hit-and-run cases, a Louisiana hit-and-run lawyer is a crucial source of help. They offer important guidance and support during the legal process. One of their main jobs is to create a strong defense strategy. This means they carefully look at all the details of the case, find out what’s strong and weak, and make a plan to present the case well in court. 

They also do thorough investigations to check all the facts, making sure they have the right information. With their deep knowledge of the law, they give personalized legal advice to help clients make good decisions throughout their hit-and-run cases. Having an experienced Louisiana hit-and-run lawyer on your side gives you valuable support and expertise, making sure you get the best help and representation through the legal process.

Call Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys If You’ve Experienced a Hit and Run Incident

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