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Life is full of constant twists and turns. Sometimes we may feel like we have control of everything around us, like we have it all together. But unfortunately for us, we are only human and we are not capable of predicting the unexpected. Vehicular accidents happen every day, and the attorneys at McKernan Law Firm are here to provide you with the absolute best attorney service you can get. When you have the misfortune of being in a vehicle accident, there are a multitude of issues that arise that you now must worry about. Not only do you have to worry about repairing damages that you have incurred on vehicle, you also have to deal with insurance companies, finding alternate modes of transportation, and even medical bills. In a utopian society, you would be able to swish a magic want and the insurance companies would be able to handle all of your problems in a flash. Unfortunately, however, we do not live in a perfect world. Thankfully there is someone on your side that is willing to fight for your rights and give you all of the benefits you rightfully deserve after being in a vehicle accident, and that someone is Gordon McKernan! It is easy to get scammed our of the benefits you deserve, and Gordon McKernan is willing to help you recover those benefits.–YRA

The McKernan Promise

Gordon McKernan is a well-known and well-renowned car accident attorney in Louisiana, and McKernan has helped thousands of people with their collision cases over the years. Confidence is key when it comes to getting things done, and Gordan McKernan is extremely confident in his practice. McKernan is in fact so confident in his practice that he will not make his customers pay a single dime until their case is won! The fine and hardworking car accident attorneys at Gordan McKernan have a success rate of over 99% for all cases that they have accepted. When you need the help from the qualified attorneys at McKernan, they are pretty close to perfect.

Case Evaluations

Visit our website to get an estimate of the sum that McKernan will be fighting to give you. Once on our website, you can get a FREE case evaluation! With a past including 85 verdicts and settlements of at least one million dollars, the concerns you may have about getting the money you deserve will not pose a problem for our powerful attorneys. McKernan handles a wide variety of auto accidents; McKernan has handled accidents ranging from rear-end collisions to various texting and cell phone related accidents. You can relax at home and focus on your health while McKernan does what he does best and fights for your rights.

Giving Back to the Community He Loves

Gordon does not just help his clients, Gordan McKernan selflessly helps his beloved community. After winning your case, McKernan makes it his goal to give back to the communities in which he practices in, which is Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and Alexandria. He has developed his own personal program for giving back, called Gordon Gives. Gordan has donated money to various wonderful charitable organizations. He has helped donate televisions to local hospitals for the patients in need. He even sent a baseball team to the World Series when they had their money stolen from them. McKernan has also given Christmas presents to families and children in need, and much more. Someone as caring as Gordon McKernan is certainly someone you can trust to do the right thing. It is truly a lovely feeling knowing that the money you pay him to protect your rights is being recycled right back into the community to better the city you reside in.

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If you ever find yourself in a vehicle accident, do not hesitate to call Gordon McKernan to help you get back what you deserve. McKernan is an attorney you can trust to help you get back up on your feet, and then go on to helping others after winning your case. What’s not to love? Call Gordon at 225-888-8888 or visit our website Gordan McKernan Law Firm today!