Pointe Coupee Ambulance Crash

Late Tuesday morning in Pointe Coupee Parish, two people were killed when the ambulance they were in collided head-on with a semi truck, WBRZ reports. The tragedy occurred on LA-1 at its intersection with Deaton Lane in Morganza.

It’s currently unknown what caused the wreck between the Acadian ambulance and Coca-Cola delivery truck on June 27, 2023, but it could’ve been caused by a distracted driver or any number of other factors.

What is known about the crash is that the ambulance driver, as well as a hospital-bound patient, were killed, and that three others were hurt in the accident: another ambulance employee, the semi truck driver, and another person in a third vehicle. At this time, the extent of those other people’s injuries is also unknown.

Our hearts go out to the two whose lives were tragically ended in this terrible crash, and we hope that justice is meted to the liable parties in this instance. Please remember to drive safely whenever you drive in Louisiana.