Top 7 Things to Consider When Going Back to Work

As COVID-19 fears and stay-at-home orders are lifted, it will eventually be time for nonessential employees to return to work. Still, even as everyone attempts to get back to normal, both businesses and individuals will have been seriously affected in some way. While we can’t say exactly when people will be back on their jobs, we are sure of this: Work-life will be permanently changed after this pandemic.  

Commute Time Will Be Longer  

Busy Louisiana roads have been moderately empty during the past few weeks, but when nonessential workers return to the streets, you can bet that traffic will increase significantly. During the pandemic, many people were stuck at home. As various places begin opening and the comfort level of life after coronavirus pandemic rises, there will be a surge in interstate travel.  These conditions will contribute to the longer commute times to and from your workplace. 

You Will Be More Comfortable with Technology  

Ever since the invention of modern technology, it has become increasingly difficult to function without it. During your time working from home or waiting to go back to work, you have undoubtedly felt this even more than usual. Many people have dealt with new technologies to do remote work, take classes, communicate with others, and so much more. After this pandemic, you’ll probably be more comfortable with new technology than ever before. Additionally, as a result of the stay at home orders, it isn’t hard to imagine that new tech and software will be integrated into your work scope to help make your job more efficient. We all have room to improve when using innovations in technology and online systems, but you’ll emerge from this uncertain time more than capable of adapting to new tech. 

You’ll Have a Better Understanding of Your Work/Life Needs 

If the COVID-19 crisis has taught us anything, it’s that many people’s jobs and home lives can be successfully intertwined. Whatever your workplace needs pre-COVID, they probably were exacerbated by the stay-at-home orders. Flexibility, quality communication, and space to be productive were always essential aspects of a career, but these characteristics have become even more integral to working remotely now. This is unlikely to change after the pandemic is over, as people remember what matters, and they figure out how to better balance work and home life. 

Workplace Health Importance 

Hand sanitizer, gloves, and face masks have become a staple of households all over Louisiana and the rest of the United States. When the stay at home orders are lifted, we will probably see those items lingering as a hot commodity for some time after, even in the workplace. Employers will be tasked with keeping employees’ health in mind when making decisions about meetings and other gatherings, as well as when making decisions about how workstations throughout their offices. Sick days will possibly be taken more seriously and working accommodations could be made for illnesses like colds, flu, and COVID-19. Even mental health is likely to be prioritized post-COVID.  

Your Habits Will Have to Be Adjusted 

One of the best ways to greet a colleague or new business partner is with a handshake. This practice, among many others, will have to be re-evaluated when going back to work. While unchecked fear isn’t the correct response to life after the outbreak, it would do everyone some good to be cautious in their interpersonal interactions. This is especially true when anyone involved is sick. Presumably, social distancing will also remain in place to an extent. Other habits related to staying at home will also need adjusting as Louisiana residents get ready to return to work, including waking times and commuting to and from places. 

We’re All in This Together 

Keep in mind that this pandemic did not happen in a bubble. We were all affected, and we’ll all continue to feel the lasting effects together. It’s important to consider how to move forward with patience and sensitivity towards coworkers, fellow drivers, and other people we interact with, especially as we get back to work, and our lives become busy again. Hopefully, we all return with a renewed sense of gratefulness, ready to be kinder, more understanding people who don’t take the presence of others for granted after dealing with the effects of the virus. 

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