True Justice That Will Touch the Heart

Richard Zimmerman, one the attorneys that works in the firm, just finalized a case that will touch anyone’s heart. It’s attorneys like him that make a difference in a client’s life which reminds me every day how fortunate I am to have such a great group of attorneys and employees working for me. Many think that personal injury attorneys are “ambulance chasers,” only looking for money for themselves, but I hope this particular story will make you think otherwise.

Richard took a client who was in a severe accident that was not at fault. The client suffered a multitude of injuries both medical and cosmetic at the time of the accident. Over time, more injuries became apparent, and it is obvious that this client will have medical expenses due to the accident  for the duration of her life. Richie, as we call him, came to me and expressed his sympathy for this client. He made the decision to do the case pro-bono, which means no matter how much the verdict or settlement, Richie would not receive any money for the work he put in while representing the client.  I watched all the hours that Richie and his support staff worked on this client’s case as they prepared for the trial knowing that they wouldn’t receive any money; only the true reward of knowing they fought for closure for this client. Once the trial concluded, Richie came to me hoping that his client would get the fair compensation they deserved. I could tell that he had invested so much time and energy to fight for his client, to fight for what she deserved . The verdict was much higher than was ever discussed. Richie said the feeling that he had once the verdict was read was indescribable. He said that his client was crying in elation that she was finally getting compensated for what she deserved.

Every day unfortunate circumstances surround us. Some people are affected more than others, and some maybe not at all. Knowing the time and personal investment Richie made for this case, and the fact that he wanted to represent her free of charge speaks volumes about him and his support staff. The money was not important to him, it was justice that was most important and making sure that his client got the compensation she needed. I am so honored to be able to work with people like Richie because they are the ones that can change a person’s life forever.