Wrongful Death in Alexandria, Louisiana? Gordon Can Help

There are over 105,000 annual cases involving a wrongful death. A wrongful death is usually an accident that could have been prevented. Liability and accountability must be taken in order to remediate a wrongful death. Every year, over a dozen people in Alexandria find themselves in a fatal accident. 

This tragedy can happen at any moment for many different reasons. Wrongful death in Alexandria may happen as the result of a car crash or motorcycle accident. Sometimes the victim in a vehicular accident may even be just an innocent pedestrian. An unsafe product a consumer purchases may cause a wrongful death. An industrial accident may end in death, or a worker may be placed in hazardous conditions unknowingly and lose their life because of such hazards. Medical malpractice is a common contributing cause of fatal accidents as well. Even if death is not immediate, a death can still be the result of a preventable circumstance. When fatal accidents and wrongful deaths do occur, responsibility needs to be placed on the appropriate party.

We Can Help Get You and Your Family Justice

Wrongful death resulting from an accident is a tragedy no one should ever experience. If you find yourself in a situation where a fatality has occurred because of an accident in Alexandria, you need to call Gordon McKernan’s team of expert wrongful death lawyers. We are an experienced team of attorneys in Alexandria who can assist you in the sometimes challenging litigation process. 

 We understand the difficulty of piecing life back together after an accident. Nothing can replace a family member or friend who was the fatal victim of an accident, but we can make sure that someone is held accountable. Our lawyers will work with you to get you your rightful monetary coverage of any medical expenses, funeral expenses, household expenses, youth supervision expenses, and loss of income that was caused by a wrongful death. Before settling with an insurance company, make sure that you are getting the fair compensation you deserve by contacting a wrongful death specialty lawyer. Our team of Alexandria attorneys has collectively won over seventeen million dollars in wrongful death cases. Our attorneys will help you get your life back to order after such a tragic experience. We offer a free case evaluation for all fatal accident cases- get Gordon today.