What is the difference between premises liability and slip and fall?

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If you’ve suffered an injury on someone else’s property, you could be eligible for compensation to pay for your damages. If you slipped and fell on their property, you can sue for your slip and fall injury. But what’s the difference?

Slip and fall injury cases are a type of premises liability cases. A premises liability claim is any personal injury claim where the victim is injured due to negligence on the part of the property’s owner, manager, or employees. If the accident happened on government property, the government can also potentially be held responsible.

Examples of Premises Liability Cases

Slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen almost anywhere: restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, stores, parking lots, and other places where hazardous conditions can occur.

Negligent security

If a property owner failed to provide adequate security on their premises and a visitor was injured in an attack or robbery, the owner can be held liable.

Animal attacks

In some cases, dog bites can fall under premises liability laws. For example, if a landlord is aware that one of their tenants has a dangerous dog that has attacked other tenants, and hasn’t taken any action to protect those other tenants, they could be held liable for the victims’ damages.

Toxic chemical exposure

If you’ve been exposed to toxic chemicals on a property, such as pesticides, chemical solvents, asbestos, mold, or other chemicals, the owner could be held liable for their negligence, which resulted in your injuries.

Electrical accidents

When a victim is electrocuted due to exposed or faulty wiring, the damages their injuries incur can be found to be the fault of the property owner.

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