What Causes Most Maritime Accidents in the Gulf of Mexico?

piping and containment on rig mid ocean

The maritime and offshore industries are critical pillars of Louisiana’s economy. Hundreds, if not thousands, of roustabouts, roughnecks, derrickmen, captains, motormen, boatswains, rig technicians, drillers, and able seamen live in our state, and the good-paying labor they undertake generates millions of dollars in state income each year. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look…

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The Dangers of Underwater Welding

cartoon of underwater welding

Underwater welding is a specialized type of welding that requires extensive training and unique skills. Underwater welders typically work on offshore oil rigs and offshore pipelines when they are in need of repair. While the work can be very profitable, it can be argued that it’s the most dangerous job in the country. In fact,…

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Explosion on Boat, Causes Damage on Seaman’s Body

Our team of injury lawyers at Gordon McKernan are determined to help a southern worker involved in a tragic boat accident. The Louisiana seaman was unfortunately on the company boat when it experienced a big explosion. As a result of this horrible event, he now deals with catastrophic injuries, such as major burns and tissue…

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Maritime and Offshore Accident Attorney serving Lake Charles

Being a Gulf state, Louisiana is home to several oil, gas, and maritime industry sites. Though these resources offer many jobs to seamen, derrickmen, divers, floorhands, boat captains, roustabouts, drillers, these hazardous work environments can cause severe injuries to its important employees that require a maritime attorney’s help. Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Lake Charles understand the…

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