Explosion on Boat, Causes Damage on Seaman’s Body

Our team of injury lawyers at Gordon McKernan are determined to help a southern worker involved in a tragic boat accident. The Louisiana seaman was unfortunately on the company boat when it experienced a big explosion. As a result of this horrible event, he now deals with catastrophic injuries, such as major burns and tissue damage. 

An unexpected explosion or fire injury can cause more than just physical scars and emotional trauma. It can leave you with financial hardships. Since Louisiana is home to some of the biggest offshore rigs, it’s crucial for companies to make sure their employees are as safe as possible. This is why regular maintenance and repairs, training the crew on proper use of equipment, and providing the correct tools can help keep rigs safer and minimize the possibility of a maritime injury.

If you’ve been injured offshore or have lost a loved one in a wrongful death accident, Gordon McKernan Attorneys are here for you and ready to help. With this seaman now having to deal with 70% burns all over his body, we’re determined to navigate the legal system and fight for the compensation he deserves!

We filed suit in Louisiana.