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Being hurt in an accident can cause significant disruption in all aspects of your life. Head trauma, spinal cord injuries and paralysis are some of the very serious and life-altering consequences that can result from automobile collisions. But even seemingly less severe car wreck injuries, such as broken bones, arm and leg fractures, soft tissues injures in the neck, shoulder or back, and whiplash, could cause major personal, career and financial setbacks for victims. Missing work due to your injuries and paying immense out of pocket expenses for the medical care you require are just some of the unanticipated situations you’ll be forced to deal with after an accident. It is not fair for the injured person to have to be burdened with these issues on their own when they were harmed as a result of someone else’s negligence. When you call us, we’ll get to work right away. As a Louisiana-based personal injury firm with decades of experience helping injury victims throughout the state, Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys provides trusted and local representation. 

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If you sustain an injury in a car crash, you will need a professional to help you navigate the legal matters involved with your recovery. Between complex claims processes and pushy insurance adjusters, victims could unknowingly make simple mistakes that jeopardize their ability to get the full compensation. A Shreveport lawyer with knowledge and experience in personal injury law will stand up for your rights in settlement negotiations or in the courtroom if necessary. When the insurance company knows that you have Gordon McKernan and his team on your side, they won’t be so intimidating and they will know you aren’t waking away with less than you deserve. After you are injured in a wreck, there are a few important steps to follow to help your attorney protect the integrity of your legal case. Clients should avoid talking about the accident and their injuries with anyone other than their lawyer or physicians. If the insurance company or attorneys from the other parties involved contact you, it is best to tell them that your lawyer can answer all questions on your behalf. Even providing information that seems harmless could adversely affect your claim or be used by the insurance company to limit their liability. You should also not sign any documents without first communicating with your lawyer. Proper health care is a vital component to your case. It is crucial to be examined by your doctor and seek the treatment you need for your injuries. Follow the prescribed plan of care but in the event your healthcare provider releases you to return to work, inform your attorney immediately. 

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Our personal injury lawyers have obtained successful verdicts and settlement agreements for interstate collisions caused by semi-trucks, drunk driving accidents, wrecks due to texting and cell phone use, and other careless or reckless driver actions. We also handle auto accident injury cases related to improper traffic signage or lighting or lack of adequate road maintenance and poor conditions. If you sustain injuries in a motor vehicle accident, don’t hesitate to call a Shreveport lawyer because you are concerned that you won’t be able to afford an attorney. At McKernan law firm, all legal fees and costs for our representation are contingent on achieving a win for the accident victim. If we don’t recover compensation for you, you aren’t responsible for paying us a penny! In addition to auto and truck crashes, our Shreveport law firm is focused on serving individuals who have been physically harmed in any type of accident that was not their fault. Call us at 318-300-0000 to talk with someone who can help now. Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys has a team of legal professionals based in the Shreveport area and our clients can meet with a local lawyer at our office located at 920 Pierremont Road, Suite 407, Shreveport, LA, 71106.