Find A Trusted Workers Compensation Lawyer in Shreveport

Being out of work due to an injury can cause significant instability and uncertainty. Workers comp is similar to other types of insurance in that it is intended to offer a safety net for employees so they do not have to struggle after a job-related injury leaves them unable to work. The unfortunate reality is that like other insurance companies, workers compensation insurers have an incentive to keep premiums low for employers by limiting the amount of money they pay out for workers comp. This is done by attempts to deny claims, minimize the full impact of a workers’ injuries or place fault for the accident on the injured workers rather than assume liability. While unfair, these tactics can be effective at limiting coverage that is rightfully owed to the worker who is hurt on the job. A workers compensation lawyer in Shreveport who is highly knowledgeable in this area of Louisiana law can make sure you receive the benefits you need.

Louisiana Workers Comp: What It Pays For

Many injured workers are surprised to learn that the workers compensation benefits they are entitled to receive include more than just the health care costs associated with their injury. In addition to paying for doctor visits, medical procedures such as surgeries, hospital stays, and physical and occupational therapy when necessary, workers compensation can also cover costs related to vocational retraining and disability payments while you are out of work. While not everyone is eligible for these benefits, workers who are hurt on the job may not be aware of the full extent of coverage that workers comp should provide. This is where a workers compensation lawyer in Shreveport can serve injured employees. At McKernan law firm, we’ve represented Louisiana workers for decades and we know the protections that the state outlines for individuals who suffer injuries while at work. Our attorneys won’t let you get less than the compensation that if fair to make sure you receive all the medical care that your injury requires as well as the financial support to see you and your family through your recovery period. When an injury in the workplace is the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another person or your employer’s failure to ensure a safe work environment, hiring a Shreveport workers compensation attorney is an important step to protect your future. Waiting too long to seek assistance can jeopardize your ability to pursue other legal recourse for your work injury. Contact Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys now to talk to a professional about your work-related accident.

When To Contact A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Shreveport, LA

The Get Gordon team in Shreveport, Louisiana is available to help victims 24/7. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we understand that when you’ve been hurt and cannot work you want a resolution quickly. Sadly, valid workers comp cases can sometimes be denied or deferred because insurers and companies are wary of false injury claims. Most workers just want to have their injuries treated properly so they can heal and get back to doing their job and earning the living they relied upon. Our Shreveport workers compensation lawyers believe that injured Louisiana workers shouldn’t have to endure unnecessary delays or be burdened with mountains of legal paperwork and processes while they are trying to recover from their injuries. Our injury law firm has the expertise to maneuver legal procedures efficiently and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf so you can focus on recuperating. Call our local Shreveport law office at 318-300-0000. Get Gordon! Get It Done!