Gordon McKernan Introduces “Riding with G” Interview Series with Kim Mulkey

We’re excited to introduce a new chapter at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys – the launch of our latest interview series, “Riding with G.” Following the success of our “Grubbin’ with G” podcast series, this new interview series takes inspiration from James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke.

The first episode kicks off with none other than Kim Mulkey – a dear friend and business partner of Gordon and the renowned coach for the Lady Tigers. In the episode, Mulkey sports one of Gordon’s branded sweatshirts, while Gordon proudly wears a t-shirt featuring Mulkey in one of her signature fits. The nature of their lighthearted and fun partnership is evident by their clothes alone.

As the duo takes a ride around Baton Rouge, the episode sheds light on their personalities in a casual and everyday setting. Gordon kicks off the conversation by sharing his plans to feature some of Mulkey’s players and fellow Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) partners in future episodes, promising a series filled with diverse and notable guests.

Mulkey, an avid Southern girl, brings her own unique flair to the episode, expressing her love for country music and noting that Gordon should expect different tastes in music from her players. The conversation then takes a turn as they discuss basketball.

Mulkey touches on the intimate dynamics of the locker room by comparing her team to a family, acknowledging the challenges they face together. She emphasizes the importance of discipline as a coach, holding players accountable for their actions, even if it means making tough decisions for the greater good of the team. The interview illustrates Mulkey’s dedication to not only building exceptional players but also individuals of great character. She shares her commitment to teaching life lessons and instilling values that extend beyond the basketball court.

Mulkey reflects on how the Lady Tigers’ National Championship victory last year brought well-deserved recognition and respect to college women’s basketball. She excitedly notes the continuation of last season’s momentum, with the team achieving sold-out games this year.

“Riding with G” promises an intimate and casual setting for engaging conversations with some of your favorite local figures. Join us as we navigate the roads of Louisiana!