Gordon McKernan Rallies Tigers Baseball Fan Base Ahead of National Championship Win

The McKernan's and Coach Kim Mulkey at 2023 College World Series 2023
Shannon McKernan, John Gordon McKernan, Gordon McKernan, and Tigers Women’s Basketball’s Coach Kim Mulkey pictured at the 2023 College World Series in Omaha.

What a remarkable season it has been for Tigers Baseball! From an outstanding season that welcomed a well-deserved National Championship win to my enthusiastic support through Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals with Tre Morgan, Gavin Dugas, and Gavin Guidry, we’ve made an incredible impact both on and off the field. Our partnerships have allowed us to engage with the community, support charitable causes, and showcase how our collective efforts have brought joy to the Tigers family.

The road to victory was paved with hard work, determination, and unwavering support from fans like us. Tigers Baseball’s dedication and teamwork culminated in a triumphant National Championship win against the formidable Florida Gators, solidifying their place as champions and etching their names in the college sports history books.

Get Gordon Athletes with The Miracle League 2023
Get Gordon Athletes Gavin Guidry, Shelton Sampson, Tre Morgan, and Gavin Dugas with The Miracle League.

We’re honored to have supported Tigers Baseball through our NIL deals with the talented trio of Tre Morgan, Gavin Dugas, and Gavin Guidry. Together, we have achieved remarkable feats, leveraging our partnerships to benefit both the team and the community. One of our most rewarding initiatives was our collaboration with The Miracle League, where we partook in fun and engaging events that brought smiles to the faces of countless individuals. Through this partnership, we not only supported Tigers Baseball but also created a positive impact in the lives of those who needed it most.

To demonstrate the extent of my love for the Tigers and add a touch of excitement to the championship journey, I took a unique approach. I purchased a record-breaking 8,888 rally shots at Rocco’s in Omaha, which caught the attention of fans and players alike. Half of the proceeds from this purchase will go directly to university food pantries. This display of support not only added a vibrant atmosphere to the games but also helped in making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

Gordon McKernan at Rocco's in Omaha Image
Gordon McKernan purchasing a record-breaking 8,888 rally shots at Rocco’s in Omaha to show his support for Tigers Baseball and LSU’s food pantry.

Our NIL deals with Tre Morgan, Gavin Dugas, and Gavin Guidry have proven to be an excellent platform for building goodwill and fostering a stronger sense of community. By supporting Tigers Baseball, we have demonstrated that when athletes, fans and sponsors come together, we can achieve incredible things. Our collective efforts have not only celebrated the team’s success but have also highlighted the power of partnerships to make a positive impact beyond the field. As we bask in the glory of this remarkable season, let us continue to rally behind the team, uplift those around us, and celebrate the spirit of unity that makes the LSU Tigers truly special. Geaux Tigers!