Gordon McKernan Releases LSU LB Harold Perkins’ First Exclusive Interview 

Grubbin’ with Harold Perkins

Gordon McKernan and LSU Football linebacker Harold Perkins partner for a groundbreaking episode of the attorney’s “Grubbin’ with G” podcast. This episode marks Perkins’ first-ever interview, providing fans a rare glimpse into his personal life.

Set against the backdrop of Dorothy’s Soul Food Kitchen in Baton Rouge, Perkins kicks off the episode by sharing an event that reshaped his early years. Hailing from New Orleans, Perkins and his family were forced to uproot and relocate to Texas after Hurricane Katrina. Despite building a life in Texas, Perkins’ heart remains tethered to New Orleans.

One of the episode’s highlights comes as Perkins discusses his transition to the No. 4 jersey. With a beaming smile, he reveals that the number holds a special place in his heart. Perkins then shows McKernan a tattoo on his arm bearing the letters “4TF,” meaning “For the family.” This inked tribute is a testament to the values that ground him – family and dedication.

Throughout the episode, Perkins sheds light on various facets of his life. He offers insights into his formative years and the unique challenges that come with being a college athlete.

“I’m excited to offer college sports fans this exclusive interview. It adds a layer of authenticity and connection to Harold that we’re excited to share with our listeners.”

gordon mckernan

This exclusive episode with Perkins is available for viewing on YouTube.