Gordon McKernan Surprised With Custom “Air Gordon” Sneakers

Custom Nike Air Jordan Sneakers

One of our attorneys, Jeff Watson, joined forces with Duncan’s Custom Kicks to surprise Gordon McKernan with a pair of custom Nike Jordan sneakers. And to top it all off, we managed to capture McKernan’s priceless reaction on camera.

Watson, known for his legal prowess and passion for sneakers, reached out to Duncan’s Custom Kicks, a renowned shoemaker famous for its customizations. Recognizing the opportunity to create something special, Watson and Duncan teamed up to bring this surprise to life.

The team at Duncan’s Custom Kicks and Watson dove into the project with enthusiasm. They took the time to understand McKernan’s brand identity and personal style to design a pair of custom sneakers that would capture the very essence of McKernan. Every detail of the sneakers was carefully considered and meticulously crafted, with the design incorporating McKernan’s brand colors and logo.

On the day of the big reveal, Watson, accompanied by Duncan from Duncan’s Custom Kicks, surprised McKernan with the customized Air Jordan sneakers. These unique sneakers, lovingly named “Air Gordons,” are a testament to the bond between creativity, friendship, and a shared love for exceptional footwear. McKernan’s face lit up with a mix of surprise and joy as he took in the sight of his personalized kicks. Walking around with careful steps, McKernan made sure not to crease his new treasures, showcasing his genuine admiration and respect for this remarkable gift.