Gordon McKernan’s “Grubbin’ with G” Features Tigers Baseball Player Tre Morgan  

Step up to the plate and listen to Gordon McKernan’s “Grubbin’ with G” episode with Tigers Baseball’s Tre Morgan. 

Grubbin’ with Tre Morgan

Gordon McKernan’s latest episode of his “Grubbin’ with G” podcast features Tigers Baseball player Tre Morgan. In this episode, the two sit down at Baton Rouge’s Modesto to discuss various topics ranging from Morgan’s hair, upbringing in New Orleans and his superstitions on and off the field.  

Born and raised in New Orleans, Morgan credits his hometown for giving him the grit and determination he needs to succeed. When asked what it was like growing up in the city, Morgan said, “I say that pretty much made me who I am today.” He also credits his father’s guidance and support for helping him to become the player and person he is today.  

Morgan has earned the nickname, “Stretchman,” due to his remarkable fluidity. Despite being shorter than the average first basemen, Morgan has a keen talent for moving flexibly to protect first base. 

During the interview, Morgan discussed some of his superstitions. He is very particular about the order in which he puts on his uniform and has to start and end his walk to the batter’s box with his right foot. He even spoke about his trademark hairstyle, explaining that it’s his way of rebelling against the strict rules he faced growing up in Catholic school. 

McKernan is thrilled to have Morgan on board as a NIL partner yet again during the 2023 Tigers Baseball season.  

“Tre is an exceptional athlete and partner. I remember hoping what I heard about him matched up with how he is. I’m happy to say that he’s exceeded my expectations.”

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