Gordon McKernan’s “Grubbin’ with G” Features Tigers Women’s Basketball Coach Kim Mulkey

Coach Mulkey and Gordon McKernan dish on their shared love for basketball and family at a local Mexican eatery. 

Grubbin’ with Coach Kim Mulkey

Gordon McKernan dined with Tigers Women’s Basketball Coach Kim Mulkey for an episode of his “Grubbin’ with G” podcast. The duo and their families joined at Baton Rouge’s Modesto to enjoy a great meal and an even better conversation. 

Mulkey is a legendary figure in college women’s basketball. She won three national championships at Baylor University before bringing her talent back home to Louisiana to coach for the Tigers in 2021.  

McKernan asked Mulkey if she thought the Tigers would become so successful so quickly after welcoming a new head coach. “People expect you to do things quickly because at Baylor we did it in five years. There’s no blueprint, no book to read for that,” responded Mulkey.  

As fate would have it, Mulkey lead the Tigers to unprecedented success in just two years’ time. A few weeks after recording the episode, the Tigers won the 2023 NCAA National Championship with a recording-breaking victory over the Iowa Hawkeyes. 

McKernan mentioned how much the fans admire Mulkey’s passion on the court. He observed that her passion extends beyond just coaching and can be seen in everything she does, from how she interacts with the players to how she works with the referees.  

“You have to understand, I played like that. I played with passion. I coach with passion,” said Mulkey.  

In addition to discussing Mulkey’s success on the court, she and McKernan also talked about their mutual passion for their families. Mulkey’s children, Makenzie and Kramer, even joined in on the conversation, sharing stories about their mother’s competitive nature, her ham sandwiches and her close bond with her grandchildren, Kannon and Sage. 

The episode presents fans with an opportunity to learn more about the brains behind the game on a deeper, more intimate level.  

“You have to understand, I played like that. I played with passion. I coach with passion.”

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