Is My Settlement Offer Fair? Car Wreck Attorney in Baton Rouge Explains

Calculating the total value of the injured victims’ losses in a car accident is rarely a simple matter. The factors that go into a car wreck injury settlement involve costs that have already been incurred from the accident as well as anticipated future expenses. Some damages, such as physical pain, psychological stress, and emotional suffering are much harder to put a number on. Because valuing an injured party’s complete losses from a car accident is complicated, having an injury lawyer who has experience in these types of legal matters is vital to protect the victim’s interests. The insurance company’s main goal is always the bottom line and limiting the amount they pay out on accident claims. Therefore, when the adjuster evaluates your case, they work hard to find ways to lessen the value of your losses. When a car wreck attorney in Baton Rouge represents you, obtaining a reasonable settlement that fully covers your total injuries and damages is the top priority. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, our sole focus is fighting for injured individuals and making sure justice is served.

How Is My Car Accident Injury Compensation Assessed

Compensation for your car wreck injury will vary widely depending on the severity of your injuries and the resulting medical care and if you are unable to return to work because of your injuries. Motor vehicle crash injuries can range of minor broken bones and bruises to serious neck and back injuries and spinal cord damage. If your injury has permanent, life altering impacts that leave you with a physical disability and crippling chronic pain it is likely that your expected medical costs will be extensive. Surgeries, rehabilitation and long-term treatments, therapies and medications are major expenses that you may need to cover for the rest of your life. In addition, if the extent of your injuries is so great that it prevents you from earning a living to support yourself and your family your compensation should include lost future income. Costs related to decreased quality of life and loss of companionship in cases where a spouse or child suffered a fatal injury in a car wreck are less easily quantified but certainly as important for the victim. Most of the time, the payment offered by the insurance company will be much lower than the true amount needed to compensate you for your total costs and out-of-pocket expenses. Often, the adjuster will work quickly to present you with a fast check in the hopes that you will settle immediately. The sooner they make you an offer the less time you have to gather information and speak with a skilled Baton Rouge injury lawyer who will appraise you of your rights and the actual value of your car accident claim. When you have the expertise and resources of a strong personal injury law firm standing behind you at the negotiating table, you can feel confident knowing that your attorney will demand you receive the full compensation you are entitled to.

Get Maximum Compensation With Help of a Car Wreck Attorney in Baton Rouge

Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys is one of the most highly experienced legal team’s in Louisiana. Over the last 25 years, our law firm has recovered billions in personal injury verdicts and settlements for injured victims. When you’ve suffered a traumatic auto accident injury because of another person’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to deal with the insurance company’s games and struggle to get the money you deserve. A car wreck attorney in Baton Rouge at McKernan law firm will provide help and guidance every step of the way so you can heal. Our lawyers will speak directly to the insurance company on your behalf and negotiate a reasonable settlement for you. We will make sure that you receive all of the medical care you need to reach your optimal state of recovery, and we won’t let you settle for a penny less than you are owed for your injuries and property damages. Contact our attorneys now to discuss your case and legal options at 225-888-8888. We’re here 24/7 to help!