Malik Nabers Discusses Humble Beginnings and College Football Stardom With Gordon McKernan in Podcast Episode

Malik Nabers Interview, Malik Nabers Discusses Humble Beginnings and College Football Stardom With Gordon McKernan in Podcast Episode

Grubbin’ with Malik!

In our most recent “Grubbin’ with G” episode, Gordon McKernan sat down with LSU Tigers’ wide receiver, Malik Nabers, at Walk-On’s in Baton Rouge. Joined by McKernan’s son, John Gordon McKernan, this episode offers a rare glimpse into Nabers’ journey from his humble upbringing to his swift ascent to the world of college football.

Nabers, a Louisiana native hailing from Lafayette, began his story by reminiscing about his love for playing outdoors as a child, specifically biking and skateboarding. Unlike many of his fellow student-athletes, Nabers didn’t grow up playing football due to financial constraints. However, Nabers’ innate athleticism shone through when he would play with his cousin and neighborhood friends. It was clear from a young age that there was something exceptional about Nabers’ talent that set him apart from others.

Nabers’ journey into the world of football began his freshman year of high school. He quickly proved his talent by making the varsity team his sophomore year. During the summer between his sophomore and junior years, Nabers participated in seven-on-seven games. One of his coaches created a highlight video, which garnered attention ahead of Nabers’ remarkable sophomore and junior seasons. He received a staggering 17 offers during that time.

Despite being deemed ineligible to play his senior year of high school, which they discuss during the episode, Nabers found himself a 4-star rated player with a tough decision between playing for Mississippi State or LSU. He shared that his faith ultimately guided him to become an LSU Tiger, solidifying his position as a rising star in the college football scene.

Beyond sports, the podcast allowed us to delve into Nabers’ personal preferences. He revealed that his favorite food is shrimp fettuccine and that he enjoys timeless classics like “Holes” and the “John Wick” series. In the realm of music, Nabers has a soft spot for Morgan Wallen, but he also expressed his admiration for NBA Youngboy.

In this latest installment of “Grubbin’ with G,” we embarked on a journey through the life and experiences of Malik Nabers. His story, from Lafayette’s outdoors to the football fields of LSU, is a testament to his remarkable talent and unyielding tenacity.