Semi-truck that fell off Estherwood Pontoon Bridge deemed too heavy for structure

A heavy white semi truck crossing a bridge

On the morning of September 26th, a semi-truck was involved in an accident while driving over the Estherwood Pontoon Bridge on LA. 91. The truck lost control, crashed into the guardrail causing it to break, and sent the truck over the side of the structure. After an initial investigation, Louisiana police have stated that the truck was too heavy for the structure, contributing to the crash. 

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development says the bridge will be closed until further notice while the repairs are underway. They also say a plan is in progress to replace the bridge with a more sound structure, but this will not happen for at least a year. 

Thankfully there were no reports of anybody on the bridge during the time of the accident sustaining injuries. However, this incident is one of the few lucky cases where innocent parties walk away unscathed. The tragic outcome of commercial trucking accidents usually results in life-altering personal injuries and the worst cases, death. Dealing with the aftermath of these types of accidents is an unfair burden on victims and their families as they usually have to pay a multitude of expenses, including but not limited to hospital bills, insurance bills, vehicle repairs, and much more. 

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