Tigers Basketball Star Alexis Morris and Gordon McKernan Have Teamed Up to Make History in Preparation of the Big Game

Tigers Basketball Star Alexis Morris and Gordon McKernan Team Together to Pack the PMAC.
McKernan’s partnership with Morris is the gift that keeps on giving.

This weekend, Louisiana personal injury lawyer Gordon McKernan is working with Tigers women’s basketball star Alexis Morris to support the Tigers, give back, and announce a surprise that Morris has been working on the past few weeks.

Morris stopped by McKernan’s main Baton Rouge office on Wednesday to pass out tickets to employees for this Sunday’s highly anticipated game between the Tigers and the Florida Gators.

McKernan is an avid supporter of the Tigers women’s basketball team. In December 2021, Morris became the first Louisiana college athlete to sign a Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL) deal with McKernan. Since then, McKernan has redefined college athlete partnerships by offering NIL deals to other Louisiana athletes and even creating the first Super Bowl commercial he is aware of that features NIL partnerships. He, however, remains proud to have offered his first deal to a strong and inspiring female athlete.

Morris and McKernan’s shared gifts of perseverance and humility have created an unwavering partnership. In December 2021, Morris joined McKernan for his firm’s annual Bike Giveaway, a community-based event that supports the children, families, and neighborhoods throughout the local areas.

The basketball star and powerhouse attorney’s partnership doesn’t end with bike and ticket giveaways. Morris and McKernan are excited for this weekend when they announce a surprise they’ve been working on for the past few weeks.