Tigers Women’s Basketball Team and Gordon McKernan Team Together for More NIL Deals

Louisiana personal injury attorney Gordon McKernan has elevated his Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL) deals by signing the Tigers Women’s basketball team.

Since signing his first NIL deal with Lady Tiger Alexis Morris, McKernan has redefined college athlete partnerships by extending NIL deals to the Lady Tigers team through the end of the basketball season.

The basketball team and McKernan’s partnership has proven to be nothing short of a thrill. A few weeks ago, Tigers’ point guard Morris approached McKernan with a proposition: she wanted to gift her team custom basketball sneakers.

McKernan recognized that Morris’ proposition aligned with his own values, and he was eager to act on it. Their shared gifts of generosity and humility made it happen.

“It was an honor to partner with Alexis to gift the Lady Tigers a special present.”

Gordon Mckernan

Morris and McKernan presented their ideas to @mpls_customs, who brought it into fruition. After weeks of creative brainstorming and tedious adjustment, several boxes of sneakers were delivered to Highland Road’s Rodéo Boutique, where they sat safely until the day of the big reveal.

Morris visited McKernan’s main Baton Rouge office to see the final product the day before she was set to gift her team the sneakers.

“These are fire…. They’ve [her team] never had anything like this,” Morris said, while twirling the custom Nike Kyrie 7 basketball shoes in her hands.

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McKernan makes a swoosh by partnering with the Tigers Women’s Basketball Team.

The Tigers Women’s Basketball players were ecstatic and received their gifts just in time to break them in for their next game.

On Sunday, the No. 11 Tigers redeemed themselves after losing to the No. 17 Gators back in January. In a sold-out Pete Maravich Center, the Tigers came out with a 66-61 victory against the Gators with many of them wearing their new sneakers. This win granted the Tigers Women’s Basketball team with a second-place title in the SEC.

Alex Morris NIL Giveaway, Tigers Women’s Basketball Team and Gordon McKernan Team Together for More NIL Deals
A Tiger Women’s Basketball Player sported their new sneakers on the court for Sunday’s game.

The Tigers Women’s Basketball Team plans to wear their sneakers this Thursday for Senior Night when they face Alabama.