When To Contact A Workers Comp Lawyer in Lafayette

make up a large portion of employers in the Lafayette area. While plants and refineries have stringent safety standards and maintain safe workplaces, these can still be high-risk work environments because of the materials and the machinery used in these facilities. Workers who are injured in a fire or explosion accident at an oil refinery or on an offshore oil rig, need the help of an experienced local workers’ comp lawyer in Lafayette who has expertise in Louisiana personal injury laws pertaining to workers’ compensation. Explosion related workplace injuries can be some of the most severe and result in the injured worker undergoing extended medical treatment and rehabilitation, which will mean they are out of work for a long time with no source of income. For this reason, it is important to get the assistance of a legal professional who has handled many workers’ compensation cases and knows how to expertly manage the complex legal factors involved in workers’ compensation in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Why Hire An Attorney For Workers’ Compensation in Lafayette

If you are facing a denial or delay in your workers’ compensation, the Lafayette lawyers at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys will thoroughly evaluate all your legal options including filing a personal injury lawsuit against your employer and work hard to expedite your case. A workers’ comp lawyer can also connect you with the right medical professionals who specialize in on-the-job injuries to get you the care and rehabilitation services you need. Our law firm will investigate your employer to make sure they have the proper coverage in place to protect employees and hold them accountable for ensuring you get the benefits you deserve. If the insurance company stops providing benefits before you have fully recovered, a Lafayette workers comp lawyer can collect the critical evidence needed from medical providers and clinical consultants to make sure you continue to receive workers’ compensation until you are able to return to work. In certain circumstances, industrial workers may be eligible to receive both workers comp and social security benefits at the same time. A workers’ comp attorney can also determine whether the disability benefits provided through the state of Louisiana may be higher than your employer’s insurance coverage. In these situations, you may be able to receive both disability coverage and workers’ comp through your company. Also, if your injury results in a long-term condition that prevents you from ever returning to your job, you may qualify for permanent disability benefits.

Choose A Trusted Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Lafayette

When you’ve suffered an injury on the job receiving the financial support you need to help you through your recovery until you are able to work again shouldn’t be a struggle. Being hurt and unable to earn a living is stressful enough without adding the challenge of trying to fight against powerful insurance companies and corporations to get the monetary benefits that you are legally entitled to receive. The Lafayette workers’ comp lawyers at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys have decades of experience navigating Louisiana’s workers’ compensation process. When you have sustained serious injuries on the job in Lafayette, our personal injury law firm is here to support you and keep you informed throughout this ordeal. The Get Gordon team in Lafayette understands that when it comes to workers’ compensation you need results as quickly as possible to ensure your family is taken care of and your lifestyle is secure while you are not able to work. Contact us any time of the day or night at 337-999-9999 for a free consultation of your work-related accident injury.