A Workers Comp Attorney in Baton Rouge Can Help With Denied or Delayed Claims

Workers compensation coverage in Louisiana is designed as a “no fault” system to help injured employees get the care they need and to prevent unnecessary lawsuits against their employers. Therefore, in theory, if a worker is injured on the job and they have workers comp insurance to pay for their treatment and lost wages, they do not need to pursue legal action. In a perfect world, the process of obtaining compensation after a workplace injury in Baton Rouge would function exactly as intended. The unfortunate reality is that many times, hard working individuals experience significant hurdles and delays in receiving the benefits they deserve.

When you’re hurt on the job you should be focused on resting and recovering not fighting your employer’s insurance provider to get coverage for your medical treatment. A workers comp attorney in Baton Rouge will take over the headache of dealing with the insurer and your employer so you can concentrate on getting back on your feet. A lawyer who is skilled in workers compensation claims will also review all aspects of your injury and its potential long-term impacts to be sure you file for all of the benefits you are eligible to receive.

Reasons for Claims Denials and Steps Workers Can Take

If you’ve suffered a serious back or neck injury that is causing you severe pain and making daily life difficult, getting medical care is likely your top priority. But what happens if your workers compensation benefits are being withheld and you cannot afford to pay for the treatment you need out of pocket? Delays in care can make the injury itself worse and may cause you significant emotional distress and financial strain as you will be out of work for even longer.

If you or a loved one finds yourself in this position, contact a workers comp attorney in Baton Rouge with experience navigating the state workers compensation system. The Get Gordon team in Baton Rouge has extensive knowledge of the laws that protect injured workers and they will investigate why your claim is being denied and help you handle the complicated legal process of appealing the decision.

Workplace injury claims are denied for many different reasons and being aware of what these are before you are injured may help you down the road if you are ever hurt in a job-related accident.

  • Tell your supervisor about the injury immediately. In Louisiana, workers must submit a written report of a work-related injury or illness to their employer within 30 days of discovering it. Not doing this within the required timeframe could result in a denial of your coverage.
  • Seek medical care right away. In some cases, if the worker does not see a doctor or other medical provider for the injury they may not be able to receive workers compensation. Getting necessary care from a medical professional is an important step in the claims process.
  • Inadequate proof that the injury is work-related. Employers may argue that the injury did not happen at work and sometimes it can be challenging to show that an injury took place at work or that an illness was caused by exposure in the workplace. An attorney can help you gather the necessary evidence to prove your injury is job-related.

Find an Experienced Workers Comp Attorney in Baton Rouge To Represent You

With workers compensation accidents, negligence does not need to be involved for workers to receive benefits. The employee simply has to demonstrate that the injury occurred during the course of work. However, in situations where an on-the-job injury was caused by negligent actions or a lack of proper safety measures by the employer, you may be able to file for additional compensation through a personal injury lawsuit against the company.

When you’ve sustained an injury at work and have trouble getting the financial benefits you need to get appropriate treatment and pay for your daily household expenses while you are out of work, call a Baton Rouge workers comp lawyer with Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys. Our team is standing by 24/7 to answer your phone call at 225-888-8888. Don’t suffer a minute longer – Get Gordon and get help now.