Gordon McKernan: This Barbie Is Getting It Done!

Gordon McKernan Barbie Billboard

Louisiana’s billboard king, Gordon McKernan, has done it again! If you thought his previous billboards were eye-catching, wait until you see his latest billboard design celebrating the release of the highly anticipated Barbie movie.

In a brilliant stroke of creativity, McKernan has replaced Ken’s face with his own, inviting all passersby to “Get Gordon.” Move over, Ken, because Gordon is here to slay.

Known for his daring and innovative advertising techniques, McKernan always knows how to engage his audience. By embracing popular culture, he proves that legal representation doesn’t have to be all serious and stuffy.

The Barbie-inspired billboard is only the latest in a series of McKernan’s out-of-the-box marketing moves. From Top Gun to National Lampoon’s Vacation, he’s proven time and time again that he knows how to make a statement that sticks.

Amidst all the seriousness of life, McKernan’s Barbie-inspired billboard carries a deeper message – one that reminds us all to challenge conventional norms. In a society that often focuses on success and strength in a narrow way, McKernan’s tribute reminds us all of the value of embracing our creativity and individuality. Life’s too short to be all work and no play, right?

Gordon McKernan Barbie, Gordon McKernan: This Barbie Is Getting It Done!