Motorcyclist Killed in the Early-Morning Collision in St. Tammany

Louisiana motorcycle accidents and big truck wrecks can lead to severe injuries and death.

In the early morning hours, in St. Tammany, a motorcyclist was killed in a brutal collision with a truck. The truck did not yield when faced with a stop sign, and thus was the cause of this terrible accident. The driver of the truck was wearing a seatbelt and did not sustain any injuries. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist was pronounced dead even though he was wearing protective gear. 

Being in a truck accident can be traumatic for all parties involved. After these incidents, the stress of hospital bills, and costs of vehicle damage just adds to the amount of stress one endures. Luckily, with the right source of help in these situations, individuals caught in a motorcycle crash can be less stressed by all of the turmoil around once a professional is involved. 

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