Semi Truck Blind Spots

Injuries After Blind Spot Truck Accident

Blind spots surround a tractor-trailer, preventing the driver from seeing your vehicle. Understanding where the blind spots are and how to avoid them may just save your life. Passing with a large truck with care is crucial to avoiding a serious crash. If you experienced injuries in a truck accident caused by a driver who failed to watch out for you, the law may entitle you to compensation with the help of one our experienced truck accident lawyers.

The Four Truck Blind Spots

A sign on the back of a tractor-trailer that reads “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you” is an accurate statement. Driving a semi-truck pulling a large trailer with a full load requires special skill.

A truck driver relies heavily on their side mirrors. The blind spots are also known as no-zones for passenger vehicles.

Maintaining a safe distance and proper passing can help you avoid these four blind spots surrounding a tractor-trailer:

Rear: Tailgating a tractor-trailer is never safe. The lack of a rearview mirror makes it impossible for them to see you. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)‘s safe following distance is 30 feet.

Left side: When passing a large truck, move quickly but safely and do not stay beside the truck. The left side no-zone position is under the driver’s cab mirror.

Right side: The right side no-zone position is under the cab’s right side mirror and extends further out.

Front: Never cut off the tractor-trailer by changing lanes without leaving a proper distance between you and the truck. In normal weather conditions, a fully loaded truck traveling at 65 miles per hour can require the distance of two football fields to stop. The FMCSA recommends allowing a minimum of 20 feet between you and the tractor-trailer.

All drivers have a responsibility to:

  • Obey speed limits
  • Keep a safe following distance
  • Use mirrors to watch for other drivers
  • Change lanes safely

Truckers have more responsibilities than other drivers. Maintaining control and sharing the road is essential for delivering their load safely and promptly.

If a truck driver engages in reckless behavior behind the wheel, it places everyone at risk for serious harm.

A truck driver might drive:

  • Drowsy: Long hours on the road may cause them to drift to sleep behind the wheel
  • Distracted: Distractions occur outside and inside the cab (like texting and driving)
  • Drunk Driving: Impaired judgment or vision can affect a driver’s ability to avoid a crash
  • Aggressively: Speeding remains a top issue in the trucking industry, with violations continuing to rise

If you or a loved one suffered traumatic injuries due to a negligent truck driver, a truck accident injury lawyer can help you file a civil case.

Avoid the No-Zone

Traveling alongside a tractor-trailer requires focus and an awareness of blind spots. Always pass promptly and allow a safe distance between you and the rear or front of a truck.

Most commercial truck drivers use caution when traveling among passenger vehicles. If you or a loved one encountered a truck driver who failed to use their mirrors or allow enough distance and you suffered serious harm, a lawyer can help you.

Leave the details of a legal case to a licensed attorney who understands truck accident law. Your injuries or caring for your loved one leaves you no time to deal with your legal case.

Driving defensively can help you avoid a serious accident. No matter how defensively you drive, a negligent truck driver who fails to watch for you can dramatically change your life. Although a crash happens in a second, the results are often forever.

A Consultation Leaves You Nothing to Lose

A free and confidential case consultation is a helpful way to learn if you have a legal case. If you lost a loved one in a truck accident caused by negligence, you may qualify for a wrongful death claim and lawsuit. Your relationship with the victim plays a key role in determining eligibility for a civil case.

Contacting a truck accident injury lawyer as soon as possible affords them more time for building your case. Once they review your evidence, they can begin negotiating with insurance companies and preparing for a possible trial.

The statute of limitations demands that you act quickly. Failure to file your civil lawsuit within the timeframe allowed can result in no further legal options for compensation.

Truck accident law firms have teams of dedicated professionals ready to assist you. Their experience working with accident victims provides them with the skills necessary to handle your case. From compassion with clients to aggressively fighting for a fair settlement, legal assistance can alleviate your stress during your recovery or grief.

Are You Suffering from a Blind Spot Truck Accident? 

A serious truck accident can leave you unable to work. Your medical bills will not wait, and neither should you. Your lawyer can identify all parties liable for your harm. This may include the truck driver, the truck company, or possibly both. Contact us today to learn what you need to do after a truck accident.

Accepting a settlement before you contact a lawyer may prevent you from pursuing possible compensation later. A truck accident injury lawyer can represent you, allowing you more time to focus on your recovery.