Gordon’s Grads 2024

Enter to win a free laptop from Gordon McKernan!

Congratulations to all graduating Louisiana high school seniors! As you embark on your next chapter, Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys wants to celebrate your achievements and support your educational aspirations. That’s why we’re excited to launch our annual Gordon’s Grads program, where we’re giving away 12 laptops to deserving seniors like you!

In today’s digital age, laptops are essential tools for academic success, enabling seamless access to online resources, remote learning, and collaboration. Whether you’re pursuing higher education or entering a trade school, having a reliable laptop can make a significant difference in your learning experience.

Eligibility Requirements

Students meeting the following requirements are eligible to win a laptop from the Gordon’s Grads program in 2024:

  • Seniors graduating in 2024 from a Louisiana high school
  • Students who can present proof of enrollment in an accredited college or trade school for fall 2024
  • Only one entry per senior is allowed
  • Applications must be received by the deadline of April 30, 2024

How to enter to win a laptop from Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys

If you’re a graduating senior this year, and you want to win a Get Gordon laptop, here’s what to do:

  1. Write a 300+ word essay or film a video telling us why you need a laptop for college
  2. Include proof of enrollment in an accredited college or trade school starting in fall 2024
  3. Fill out the registration application on this page by April 30, 2024

How Laptop Winners Will be Chosen

On May 7, 2024, 12 winners will be chosen to receive one laptop each. They’ll be chosen based on their performance and effort, so make sure to make a good case for your laptop need!

Get a Gordon Laptop, and Get College Done!

We look forward to reviewing the submissions and extend our sincerest wishes for success on your college journey, wherever it may take you.

Gordon’s Grads stands as a testament to our ongoing dedication to expressing love and gratitude to our Louisiana community. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we remain steadfast in our commitment to assisting Louisiana clients in securing the maximum compensation following personal injury accidents. Furthermore, we take pride in actively supporting our community through diverse initiatives, including giveaways, sponsorships, and more!


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