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Hurricane Claims Lawyer in Gonzales

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If you live in Gonzales, you’re probably already aware of hurricane season and the potential harm it can bring. 

As a matter of fact, Gonzales has been hit by a total of 4 hurricanes, the most recent one being Hurricane Isaac in 2012. Furthermore, the most severe hurricane that has hit Gonzales since 1930 was Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which caused a total of 2,880 deaths and $125 billion in damages in the United States.

Hurricane damage can be absolutely devastating and you should never have to experience it alone. If your property has been damaged by a hurricane, you deserve a dependable Gonzales hurricane claims lawyer to help you gain the compensation you need to move forward. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we’ve got you covered.

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Filing an Insurance Claim after a Hurricane

Property owners have 180 days from the catastrophic event to submit a hurricane insurance claim, as per Louisiana law

It would be in your best interest to start the claims process as soon as you can, even though you have almost six months. By doing so, your Gonzales hurricane claims lawyer can help you gain the compensation you deserve sooner rather than later.

Hurricane Insurance Claim Tips: Understanding Your Policy

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Before you start the process of filing a claim for hurricane damage, make sure you’re aware of the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Most standard policies cover damage caused by hurricanes, but there’s always an unfortunate chance of exclusions or limitations.

When it comes to a hurricane insurance policy in Gonzales, the specific policy details can vary depending on the insurance company and type of policy. However, typically it will take care of damages caused by rain, high wind, and flooding associated with hurricanes.

To help you better understand the conditions of your insurance, you should speak with a hurricane property damage lawyer as soon as possible. They can look over your policy and send a notice to the insurance agency about your damages. 

Caution: Doing this on your own can possibly hurt your ability to file a successful hurricane insurance claim.

Documenting the Damage after a Hurricane

When filing a claim for hurricane damage, it’s important to provide as much documentation as possible to support your claim. This can include photographs, videos, and a detailed inventory of damaged items. The more evidence you can provide, the stronger your case will be when negotiating with your insurance company.

Common Types of Gonzales Hurricane Damage to Document:

As a homeowner or business owner who experienced property damage in a hurricane, you may wonder if you need to get in touch with an attorney. Every case is different, and whether you need an attorney’s help will depend on your unique situation. However, some of the most common hurricane damages to document include:

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  • Equipment damage is a major concern during and after a hurricane. Heating and air conditioning systems, appliances, generators, and other vital equipment can be severely affected. 
  • Roof damage is another common occurrence during hurricane season, strong winds being a main factor. In major cases, roofs can even collapse and cause extensive damage to the rest of the building.
  • Utility damage is another thing to consider, since strong winds can cause power lines, telephone lines, internet, and water lines to be affected for long periods of time.
  • Structural and foundation damage, like foundation cracks, can make a home unlivable.
  • Interior damage can happen when a hurricane tears off the roof of a building, shatters windows or otherwise fractures the structure. Water damage, mold growth, and other problems can also occur as a result of interior damage.

Remember: A hurricane can significantly harm your home, property, and livelihood. However, thorough hurricane season preparation is the best approach to help avoid these types of damages as much as possible. 

👉🏼 To MAX the value of your insurance claim after a 🌪️, follow these 8️⃣ steps:

To maximize the value of your insurance claim after a hurricane has damaged your property, consider the following 8 steps:

1️⃣ Contact your insurance company 📞

 You may need to notify several insurers depending on the extent of the damage.

2️⃣ Know what’s covered 🔎 

For instance, flood insurance covers water damage while homeowner’s insurance covers wind damage. In Gonzales, you may need a “wind insurance endorsement” for storm wind damage.

3️⃣ Document all damage 📸 

Take photos and videos of everything that’s been damaged, including your home, car, trees, and flooding.

4️⃣ Take inventory 🗒️

Identify all damaged, lost, or destroyed items and include purchase receipts to prove their value.

5️⃣ Create a claim log 📝 

Record every conversation, damage instance, or submitted item to track your claim’s progress.

6️⃣ Meet your adjuster 👥 

Present your own evidence to save time when the insurance adjuster(s) arrive to assess the damage and calculate your claim’s worth.

7️⃣ Get repair estimates 🛠️

Find a reliable contractor to provide a repair estimate for your property. Having an estimate ready when you meet with your adjuster will help you determine if the insurance payment will cover your losses.

8️⃣ Wait patiently ⏳ 

It can take weeks or even months for your claim to be processed. Keep receipts for living expenses, dining out, and other costs if your home is unlivable during the wait. 

Once you receive your check, make sure it covers the repairs needed, and if you discover more damage later on, you can reopen your claim.

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