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Many of us rely on pharmaceuticals daily to soothe our aches, heal our sicknesses, or even to keep us alive. The companies that develop, manufacture, market, and distribute these medications to the public deserve the recognition and profit for making these life-saving medications, but not when the price is the public’s health, which is where a personal injury lawyer or a drug injury lawyer comes in.

Far too often, pharmaceutical companies prioritize their own profits over the safety of their customers, and ship out defective and dangerous drugs and other chemicals. When these defective drugs are sold in the market, they can injure hundreds or even thousands of people. The consequences for the victims of these drugs and their families can be devastating—many drugs have severe or even fatal side effects, resulting in death.

However, drug makers are large, powerful companies, with teams of lawyers dedicated to minimizing their legal liability when people are injured. For this reason, and because of the number of people involved, defective drug lawsuits are large and complicated. If you were harmed by a drug or other medication, you should contact an experienced defective drug lawyer for help figuring out your legal options.

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What Is a Pharmaceutical Mass Tort Lawsuit?

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Because pharmaceutical injuries affect their victims in the same or similar ways, actions taken against their manufacturers generally take the form of a mass tort lawsuit. Mass torts are lawsuits in which multiple cases are brought together under one court to share evidence, which is why having a defective drug lawyer is imperative.

While mass tort lawsuits share some similarities with the better-known class action lawsuits, they are quite different. A class action suit results in the same judgment for all plaintiffs, whereas in a mass tort, each individual plaintiff’s case is heard separately.

What this means for the plaintiffs of mass tort cases is that they are awarded compensation for damages can be higher than in a class action. The compensation each plaintiff receives can be tailored to their own damages, helping them more completely heal and move on with their lives.

Defective Drugs, Dangerous Medications & Adverse Pharmaceutical Reactions

Because the drug market is so competitive, some manufacturers cut corners in the development, testing, and approval processes before bringing their products to market. This can result in hundreds or thousands of injuries across the patient population, including life-threatening injuries and permanent medical conditions, which is why you need a defective drug lawyer on your side!

In addition, even though modern pharmaceuticals are overall medical marvels, they don’t always react well to patients’ bodies. Every patient is different, and if you’ve been injured by a prescription medication, you might not be alone, especially if you’ve grown ill after taking Zantac or developed eye damage after taking Elmiron. Call the experience drug injury lawyers at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys for a FREE consultation today.

Defective Medical Devices

Defective products, like defective medical devices, such as hip and knee replacements, drug-coated stents, blood clot filters, bair huggers, and others can make a huge difference in patients’ lives. However, many of these devices are “fast tracked” through the FDA’s regulatory process and brought to market with little to no clinical trials, resulting in increased risk to the public.

Like defective drugs, defective medical devices can result in major complications or even death. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective medical device, call Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys to find out if you might be eligible for compensation as part of a defective medical device mass tort lawsuit.

Do I Have a Mass Tort Case?

An X-ray of a knee after replacement surgery. A defective joint implant can cause a host of complications.

If you’ve been injured by a prescription drug, you might have a claim in a mass tort case. These injuries can include serious side effects, like heart attacks, life-threatening conditions, and even death. If you or a loved one was impacted by a pharmaceutical, you could be entitled to compensation to cover your medical bills, hospital stays, ongoing pain and suffering, or other costs. A drug injury attorney will fight to help you get what you need to cover these costs.

Do I Need a Defective Drug Lawyer?

Mass tort cases, especially pharmaceutical mass tort cases, are complex and far-reaching. In order to give the plaintiffs a better chance at recovering compensation, the court combines many cases together to share evidence and other resources. However, each case is still decided on its own merits.

You need a passionate victim advocate to fight for you in the coming proceedings. Our expert team of lawyers here at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys has helped thousands of clients over our decades-long history of Louisiana law practice, and we can help you too. Give our drug injury lawyers a call at 888.501.7888 for a FREE consultation as to your legal options today.

Drug Cases Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Has Handled

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