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Eye Injury Lawyers in Louisiana

Many kinds of accidents can impact your ability to see, and a Louisiana vision loss injury attorney can help you adapt to a new way of life.

After a traumatic accident, you may experience a number of different symptoms and side effects, from bruises and scrapes to paralysis and even death. One surprisingly serious injury that can be sustained in an accident is the loss of your vision, either partially or completely. When your sight is damaged, you might find yourself unable to return to work or your hobbies, or even to take care of yourself without help.

Because vision loss has such huge ramifications on the rest of your life, you deserve compensation for your eye injury. A competent Louisiana personal injury lawyer can provide the help you need.

Eye Injury Claims in Louisiana

The team at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys are here to help you hold those responsible for your loss of vision responsible. We’re a team of eye injury lawyers with an expertise in vision loss injuries.

We’ll work with medical professionals and other experts to gather evidence that your injuries were caused by another party’s negligence. We know what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve after your injury. We will help recoup your losses, so you can pay for your medical bills, costly treatments, and ongoing vision correction.

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Common Eye Injuries

Vision loss from an injury can range from minor blurriness to total blindness, something an eye doctor can diagnose.

The human eye is one of the most complex organs in the body. Because of their complexity and delicate nature, eye injuries are also complicated to treat. Each patient requires fully individualized attention, because injuries to the eye can manifest in various ways. Not only can direct injuries to the eye cause visual loss and other symptoms, but brain injuries, head injuries, and even spinal cord injuries can cause damage to the eyes and loss of vision too.

Some victims recover completely from their injuries, but eye injuries can also result in permanent impairment, from partial loss of vision to complete blindness. We’ve helped clients with a variety of eye injuries, including the following:

  • Blurred vision or double vision
  • Retina damage, cornea damage, or damage to the optic nerve
  • Reduced peripheral vision, or a reduction in visual field
  • Reduced vision in dark conditions
  • Loss in visual acuity, or the ability of the eye to distinguish shapes at a distance
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Partial to total blindness

These injuries have a number of causes, including:

  • Blunt Force Trauma: including traumatic brain injury, which can cause vision problems even when the blow doesn’t directly affect a victim’s eyes. Slips and falls, car accidents, truck wrecks, and other accidents can cause blunt-force trauma, and it’s not always immediately obvious that an injury has occurred. That’s why it’s so important to seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Burns: including electric burns, chemical burns, radiation burns, explosions, and more can all cause eye damage that can be irreversible.
  • Workplace accidents: like falling materials, factory explosions, sharp objects, dangerous chemicals, slips and falls, and others can all cause eye trauma. A workers’ compensation case can recover damages for injuries sustained while on the job.
  • Foreign Objects: can become lodged in the eye, leading to injury and even subsequent infection. Both of these can cause irreversible damage to the victim’s vision, including total blindness.
  • Infections: can quickly spread to the eyes from elsewhere in the body. Victims of medical malpractice, including hospital infections or missed diagnoses, might have claims for damages for their eye injury. In addition, employees of healthcare fields such as nursing are more susceptible to infection due to their line of work.
  • Defective Products: can very easily injure the user and people around them. Tools, sports equipment, household items, cleaning products, and even toys that move can all cause eye damage, loss of vision, and other injuries if the item is defective. Defective medication, such as Elmiron, can also cause vision loss, retinal damage, and even permanent blindness.

Eye Injury Medical Treatment

Depending on the circumstances of your eye injury, the medical treatment you need may vary. Sometimes, the injury requires invasive surgery to keep you from going blind, or you might need multiple operations. You might also need long-term physical therapy to fully recover your sight. In addition, some eye injuries are unable to be completely cured, leaving you with a partial or complete loss of vision.

Compensation to Expect After Your Eye Injury or Vision Loss

The loss of one's sight is not easy to adjust to, but the aid of a vision loss injury attorney can make it less stressful.

After a vision loss injury, you could be entitled to a number of damages depending on your situation. However, defendants and insurance companies fight personal injury claims to reduce their own liability and decrease the available compensation victims can recover, which is especially true if your injury occurred at work. If your eyes have been damaged at work, be sure to consult with a workers’ comp lawyer to ensure you get what you need to recover.

Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys are committed to holding negligent parties accountable in your vision loss injury claim. You could be entitled to compensation for the following damages:

  • Emergency room and other medical bills
  • Surgical costs and the cost of physical therapy
  • Long-term disability
  • Lost wages from the inability to work while healing
  • Lost earning capacity due to the disability resulting from your vision loss
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Reduced quality of life

Why You Need an Experienced Eye Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious eye injury due to another party’s negligence, you deserve compensation. Insurance will try to get you to settle for the smallest possible amount, but you need more than that to move on with your life.

Our team of personal injury lawyers here at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys are committed to each of our clients’ cases, and will fight for you against the insurance company and negligent party. We’ll even argue your case in court if need be. Our 679+ years of combined legal experience means that we’re well-qualified to represent your interests. In fact, if we don’t win your case, you won’t owe us a dime—that’s the G Guarantee!

Give our Louisiana law firm a call today at 888.501.7888 for a free consultation about your legal options. A passionate vision loss injury attorney will get started on your case right away.

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