Lafayette Attorney Discusses Risky Driving Habits and 18 Wheeler Truck Accidents

In Louisiana as well as many other states across the country, certain behaviors and activities are illegal to do while driving. This is because it is imperative to have one hundred percent of your attention and focus on operating your automobile. Any activity that takes your eyes and mind off of the road even for a few seconds can result in disastrous consequences for you, your passengers and other cars sharing the road. In addition, being under the influence of a substance such as alcohol or even medications that affect your vision and mental state can cause a crash. Risky driving is a preventable cause of too many car wrecks on Lafayette, Louisiana highways. This most often involves speeding, drunk or “buzzed” driving, using a cell phone to text, talk, use social media or take photos or videos, and driving while drowsy.

Risky Driving Behind the Wheel of a Big Truck Presents Unique Hazards

When any of these reckless driving habits is combined with a 40 ton semi-truck, the impacts of a resulting accident are multiplied. The physical dimensions of an 18 wheeler make accidents between these vehicles and average size cars far more dangerous. Big rig trucks measure up to 80 feet in length and tower over most other automobiles at nearly 14 feet tall. Additionally, large trucks average around 80,000 pounds and this is without any additional “oversize” cargo permits. The majority of cars on the other hand weigh approximately 5,000 pounds. The tremendous size of 18 wheelers mean that they require roughly 40 percent more time to stop than cars. Recently fatal auto accidents along heavily traveled Louisiana interstates have involved large commercial trucks. In some of these cases, a mistake on the part of the trucker was identified as the reason for the collision. For example, failure of the truck driver to brake in a time when traffic had come to a stop was the contributing factor in a chain reaction pile up that caused serious injuries to the individuals in passenger cars and ultimately took the life of a young child. Deadly crashes caused that could have been avoided are among the most heartbreaking. When negligent behavior is to blame for a trucking accident that causes you or your loved one injury, a Lafayette attorney with Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys can help your family get justice and compensation for your losses.

Find a Lafayette Attorney to Help You Recover Fair Payment for Your Truck Accident Injury

Regardless of the type of vehicle, the stark reality is that irresponsible and careless drivers are the reason for most of the tragedies that occur on roadways across Lafayette, Louisiana every day. In fact, a study from the National Highway Safety Administration found that drivers were the critical contributing reason in 94 percent of motor vehicle crashes. Humans make mistakes but many times driver errors that cause traffic accidents are within the person’s control to prevent in the first place. Driving too fast for the conditions, getting behind the wheel after having consumed alcohol or other substances that impair your judgment and functioning, or texting while driving are not really just mistakes. They amount to legal negligence and if you’ve suffered injuries in a wreck due to the carelessness of another driver, you have a right to financial recovery. A local Lafayette attorney with the Get Gordon team can help you obtain compensation for all of your losses. Damages from a car accident injury could include medical care costs, money to replace your vehicle and other related expenses such as temporary transportation, as well as income losses if your injuries render you unable to work. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, our Lafayette lawyers are local. This means you aren’t just a number and your wellbeing is truly important to us. Our team of injury attorneys at our Lafayette, LA law firm is experienced and dedicated to getting you and your family results. Call our local office at 337-999-9999 to speak with a trained representative about your accident today – we’re available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.