Marketing Director for Gordon McKernan Featured on Local Podcast

marketing, Marketing Director for Gordon McKernan Featured on Local Podcast
Alex Ludwig, McKernan’s Marketing Director, received an invite to appear on a podcast episode with Emily Mancuso, Director of Marketing for the Family Resource Group Inc.

Alex Ludwig, Marketing Director for Louisiana personal injury firm Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, appeared on The FRG Podcast with Emily Mancuso, Director of Marketing for Baton Rouge’s Family Resource Group, Inc.

Throughout the episode, Mancuso and Ludwig discuss various topics, including career advice, Ludwig’s career experience, and marketing strategies.

Mancuso kicks off the episode by asking Ludwig if he could share a piece of advice that he wishes he had received when he started his career. He responded by sharing that emerging professionals should focus a lot of time and effort, especially in their early years, on building their connections and network.

Mancuso nodded in agreement with Ludwig. She shared that she frequently heard that “it’s not about what you know but who you know” while in college.

After years of working in an agency setting, Ludwig accepted an offer to work as the Marketing Director for Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys. Ludwig entered the role at a time when McKernan had already made his name known across Louisiana through his billboards.

He acknowledged that the billboards were one of the reasons he wanted to join McKernan’s team. Mancuso asked Ludwig about the strategy behind the firm’s billboard marketing.

“Keeping things simple, direct, and easy to understand sometimes works better than trying to create an award-winning piece,” responded Ludwig.

Family Resource Group, Inc. is one of the largest publishers in Louisiana with seven in-house publications in both Baton Rouge and New Orleans.