Plywood falls off of 18-wheeler on I-10 and crushes 2 cars

A green 18-wheeler carrying a load of plywood.

On Monday, a piece of plywood fell off an 18-wheeler crushing two cars on I-10 East. One person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, while the truck driver was ticketed for recklessly operating his vehicle. 

Common causes of 18-wheeler accidents vary from distracted driving, improper cargo handling, and poor maintenance. No company was mentioned in the report of the incident on New Bridge, however, cases similar to this one have held commercial trucking companies responsible in the past.

Unfortunately, Louisiana citizens can become victims of horrible trucking accidents in a split second. One careless mistake by a truck driver can cause life-changing injuries or even death. Victims and their families are often left to defend themselves against major corporations and insurance companies while simultaneously healing from physical and emotional trauma.

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