The G Team Helps The Miracle League Wrap Up the Season

Tre Morgan and Cade Doughty shared smiles, high fives, and Gordon McKernan rally towels at The Miracle League’s award ceremonies.

The Miracle League at Cypress Mounds is a non-profit organization that grants children and young adults with disabilities the opportunity to play baseball in an organized league.

On Thursday, May 12, the organization wrapped up the spring season for its older players. The evening included three final games and a short award ceremony between each game.

Tigers Baseball stars Tre Morgan and Cade Doughty, who signed NIL deals with Gordon McKernan earlier this year, joined two members from McKernan’s marketing department for the end-of-the-season festivities.

During the award ceremonies, the players received a medal from their coaches and a Gordon McKernan rally towel from Tre and Cade. After the first of the final games and award ceremonies, The Miracle League coaches invited The G Team to participate in the games.

Tre, Cade, and McKernan’s marketing employees “buddied up” by joining The Miracle League’s players on the field. Tre’ and Cade even took turns pitching for the batters!

The G Team loved supporting The Miracle League at Cypress Mounds as it concluded its spring season. The evening was filled with sweat, smiles, and lots of home runs!