Tigers’ Running Back Noah Cain Joins the Get Gordon Athlete Lineup

noah cain, Tigers’ Running Back Noah Cain Joins the Get Gordon Athlete Lineup
Cain celebrates his return to Louisiana as a Tigers running back and Get Gordon Athlete.

What a catch! Noah Cain, a Penn State transfer and Baton Rouge-born running back for the Tigers Football team, joins the Get Gordon Athlete lineup.

Originally from Baton Rouge, Cain’s family moved out of Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina. Cain attended one of the top preparatory schools in the nation, Florida’s IMG Academy, where he exceled in high school football. ESPN rated Cain as the No. 69 overall prospect and No. 4 running back in the 2019 recruiting class.

While playing for the Tigers was always a dream of Cain’s, the 4-star running back went on to Penn State, where he set a freshman record with eight rushing touchdowns. Following an expansive journey that carried him across Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania, Cain has found his way back to the boot to fulfil his dream of being a Tiger.

When asked about his process for selecting players for partnerships, specifically Cain, McKernan said, “I’m drawn to players with a story, and Noah has just that. I was moved after learning about his lifelong dream to play for the Tigers and all the stops and experiences he faced to make that dream come true. I’m happy Noah found his way back home.”

gordon mckernan

After graduating from Pennsylvania State University in May, Cain returns to Louisiana with an undergraduate degree, college football experience and two years of eligibility with the Tigers.