Young Boy Suffers Brain Injury, Due to Commercial Big Truck Accident

It started out to be just another day for a boy living his life in Louisiana. However, the day quickly shifted when he was involved in a big truck accident, changing his life forever. At Gordon McKernan, our team of lawyers are committed and taking action to help the young boy who now has a serious brain injury.

If you’ve been a passenger or driven in a car on a Louisiana highway, the chances of seeing a big truck are very likely. Truck accidents tend to be more serious because of their size, cargo, and speeds on the highways, especially when it comes to child injuries. Without proper precaution, what happened to this young boy could happen to anyone. This is why as a driver, it’s always good to allow plenty of space when following behind or passing a truck.

If you’ve been in a truck or car accident in Louisiana, you need a law firm like Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys to represent you. With this southern boy now having to deal with a catastrophic injury, we’re devoted to getting him the compensation he truly needs and deserves

We filed suit in Louisiana.