Gordon Gives to Beacon House Tennis Tournament 2014

This inaugural tennis tournament is intended to fund several of the initiatives Beacon House is supporting: • Infant Adoption Training Initiative – Training social workers and lay persons on how to talk with birth parents to offer adoption as an alternative to abortion requires a delicate touch. It necessitates training, which our staff has undergone, and Beacon House can now offer this training to others, since the federal funding for this program was cancelled. • Every child is entitled to a family. Beacon House works tirelessly to locate options for children who may not be the first ones chosen – it takes time and funds to locate a family who wants a child – any child, and will love them with all their heart. • Beacon House is one of only three agencies in the State of Louisiana that is Hague accredited through COA for international adoptions; the agency provides ongoing training to adoption professionals as well as the opportunity for local residents to adopt internationally.