Candy F. Be

Position: Attorney

Year Joined Firm: 2019

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Direct Phone: 225.228.2902

Toll Free Phone: 888.501.7888

Assistant: Brittany Fresina

About Candy F. Be

Candy Be graduated from Georgetown University where she obtained her Bachelor of Foreign Service in 1992. In 1995, Candy earned her Juris Doctor from Loyola University. She is licensed in Louisiana and the United States Western and Middle Districts. Her over 23-year legal career began when she served as a law clerk to now Louisiana Supreme Court Justice, Scott Crichton, before beginning her private practice representing most major workers’ compensation insurance carriers in Louisiana. After many years as a defense Attorney, Candy made the decision to use her expertise to represent injured employees. Candy also has experience in car accidents and premise liability cases.

Having lived in El Salvador as a child, Candy is fluent in Spanish. She is married to Robert Be and has two children, Sara and James. When she is not practicing law, she enjoys spending time at home with her family and friends, and walking her dogs.

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Rated 5 out of 5
October 1, 2020

So back in January I believe it was before all of the craziness of 2020 actually began I was in need of help. A few months earlier I was working and accidentally moved my hand wrong and cut off my middle finder from the 2ñd knucke. I couldn’t get it to stop hurting and I was failing miserable in my personal life I was constantly in pain and looking for help and everyone kept telling me it was all in my head pretty much. Until I contacted gordan mckernan and they sat me up with mrs candy be. She called and I feel like it was a good hour long conversation that she realized she wanted to help me. And she wanted me to feel less in pain and get what I was being denied. So I agreed and a couple weeks go by and I get fired by my job for being a liability. A few weeks go by and Mrs candy has my appointments set up to c a doctor who specializes in hands and I immediately felt like someone understands then the pandemic happens And I couldn’t go back to the doctor Mrs candy canes the Adjuster and set up an internet visit so I could c the doctor and pet him know how things were going she then got me my benefits after nearly everything was trying to stop it. My former employer was lying saying I didn’t work for him then saying I only made 8.50 an hour instead of 10.00 my lawyer fought for me not like I was her client but like a friend who was needing help and someone that people were taking advantage of. She even tried getting me counseling bc he was worried about me she went above and beyond for me someone she never met in person IV been honest to her and she has remained honest with me in a year of so many conflicts and events going on it made me feel good knowing I had someone like Mrs candy be on h side. I will always be thankful and appreciate what you have done for my life and I look forward to continuing my journey bc of the effort that Mrs candy has put in. It’s been a year since my accident and I can happily say iv got relief solely bc I had the right lawyer and the right person beside me along the way

Jim Windham

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