Jack-Knifed 18-Wheeler Closes I-610 East for 6+ Hours

18 wheeler overturned at night on highway

On Thursday, February 9th, an 18-wheeler jack-knifed on I-610 – closing a significant section of the interstate for 6+ hours, according to NOLA.com. The 18-wheeler truck crashed into the guardrail near the interstate merge with I-10.

Unfortunately, this crash happened around 2:00 AM during inclement weather, so no injuries or causes of the crash were definitely related to the weather. While we are unsure of the exact cause of this jack-knife truck accident, we are keenly aware that it shut down a major interstate for 6+ hours.

Did you know that jack-knifing is a common accident for commercial trucks? 

Weighing in at nearly 40 tons, commercial trucks far outweigh the passenger cars we drive for our day-to-today routines. Because of their significant size and weight, 18-wheelers need to contend with several issues that other cars, trucks, and SUVs don’t:

  • 18-wheelers take much longer to start and stop than smaller vehicles
  • Tractor trailers and big rigs alike have less visibility in general and are harder to maneuver
  • Due to their structure, trucks are prone to jackknife accidents

Jackknifing is a common accident for commercial trucks, and it’s one of the most dangerous. If you’ve been the victim of a jackknifed truck accident, you’re likely dealing with significant property damage, severe injuries, lost wages, and more. You need a dedicated legal advocate to ensure your needs are met.

While you are driving on the road, we want you to be aware of these common causes of Jackknife truck accidents.

All of these jack knives causes force the truck driver to brake suddenly. A big truck’s braking system is far more complex than your average sedan, making a “sudden brake” extremely difficult to execute safely. Sadly, this abrupt stop is how jackknife incidents occur – damaging drivers, victims, and putting other drivers at risk.