18-Wheeler Crash Slows Traffic on I-20 in West Monroe

An 18-wheeler crash on I-20 can cause delays, as happened in Louisiana this Wednesday.

On Wednesday, an 18-wheeler traveling eastbound on Interstate 20 crashed, causing high traffic in West Monroe. 

Truck accidents like these on I-20 are not uncommon. In fact, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration ranks I-20 as number 4 out of the most dangerous interstates in the country. As they drive through the bustling city of Shreveport, many Louisiana citizens are put at risk when driving on I-20. 

Traffic caused by accidents often leads to even more accidents on the interstate. For example, if a truck is driving into traffic and brakes too late, it usually results in a rear collision with the vehicle in front of it. 18-wheelers are prone to this type of traffic accident because it takes them even longer to come to a complete stop. Unfortunately, their massive size also increases the risk of damage and fatalities whenever they collide with another vehicle. 

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