BRPD still searching for second responsible for police-chase crash

Early last Friday morning, April 28, 2023, two people crashed their car after leading police on a high speed chase, reports WAFB. Of the two, one has been arrested so far; police are still searching for the other person involved.

The chase happened after a vehicle burglary was reported, police followed the purported car, and the car drove away. The chase ended when the car crashed into a light pole at the corner of Government Street and Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge. Police are asking people in the area to stay cautious.

Of course, this accident could have been avoided if the thieves hadn’t lifted the car in the first place. The pair made a number of mistakes while driving, however, which also contributed to their crash:

Whenever you drive, make sure to follow the rules of the road and drive defensively. It could help you avoid a dangerous collision!