I-10 East Closed in WBR Following Deadly Truck Wreck

A devastating crash involving a commercial bus and an 18-wheeler was reported around 11AM on I-10 just past LA 415. This area is known as the “Devil’s Triangle” in Louisiana due to the high number of truck crashes and car accidents that happen there.

After running into a cable barrier in the median, the bus caught fire, leaving 3 people hurt and one deceased. We are unsure of the injuries sustained by the driver of the semi-truck, however the truck was immensely damaged.

Getting into a bus crash or a truck wreck can be one of the most debilitating events one can go through. Not only can hospital bills pile up, but the damage to your vehicle can be drastic enough to total it and prevent future means of transportation. Getting help with these incurred costs is the first reason people entertain an attorney to try and assist in attempting to get their clients the capital they need to get through the trying time.

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