ExxonMobil worker injured on the job at Baton Rouge plant

Industrial plant worker repairing a piece of heavy machinery.

Early Tuesday morning, an ExxonMobil worker sustained an injury at the plastics plant in Baton Rouge. The company reported that the worker received medical attention on the scene before going to the hospital but has not released any more information regarding the incident. 

The investigation into the cause has yet to begin, but the accident that occurred this morning is unfortunately commonplace for those working in factories and plants like ExxonMobil. During an average day, a plant worker is at risk of explosions, fires, chemical exposure, over-exertion, and machinery malfunctions at any given moment. While the severity of the worker’s injury from the accident at Exxon in Baton Rouge remains unknown, the multitude of injuries that a person can sustain in an industrial setting is known.  In the worst cases, workers can experience severe burns, irreversible spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, and even death

The aftermath of plant accidents is unjust, as victims often have to deal with long-term medical issues that drastically decrease their quality of life. In addition, these injuries often leave workers with costly hospital bills to pay while robbing them of their ability to make a living. Anyone in these circumstances deserves compensation for emotional, physical, and financial stress. 

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