Right Westbound Lane Reopened on I-20 and Hazardous Material Contained After Crash

blurred police lights on scene

A truck crash occurred on Interstate 20 westbound near Trenton Street, involving an 18-wheeler carrying hydrochloric acid and a car. A hazmat crew was called to the scene due to the 18-wheeler leaking hydrochloric acid after the crash. 

Since the initial reporting of the accident on Interstate 20, the right westbound lane has been reopened, but the left lane remains closed due to an overturned semi-truck. The hazardous material, hydrochloric acid, that was leaking from the 18-wheeler has been contained within the trailer, which has been moved to the Ruston Junior High parking lot. 

As traffic begins to flow again on the right westbound lane, it’s crucial for all drivers to exercise caution as the backed-up traffic increases the risk of more car accidents occurring. Despite the hard work of the cleanup crew at the site of the Interstate 20 crash, mistakes can still happen. It’s essential for drivers passing through the area to remain vigilant and avoid any accidental exposure to any remaining hazardous material

Additionally, drivers should watch out for any debris left over from the initial collision, as driving over it could potentially damage a vehicle or even cause further accidents. Stay safe on the road, and exercise caution when traveling through this area.