Super Fan Jadal Johnson Visits with Gordon McKernan

McKernan and Johnson sport big smiles after their visit.

Louisiana personal injury attorney Gordon McKernan recently welcomed Jadal Johnson, an 8-year-old super fan, to his main Baton Rouge office for a visit.

Johnson suffers from Arthrogryposis, a condition characterized by multiple joint contractures (stiffness) and muscle weakness. Johnson’s condition leaves him wheelchair-bound. However, his disability doesn’t stop him from finding joy, especially when that joy is attached to a local personal injury attorney.

Johnson’s orthopedist, Dr. Brad Culotta, encouraged Johnson’s mother, Tiffany Perry, to reach out to McKernan’s firm to see if they could arrange a time for Johnson and McKernan to meet.

“He [Johnson] loves him [McKernan], watches his commercials on YouTube, and screams when he sees billboards and buses with his pictures.”

Tiffany Perry, mother of jadal johnson

McKernan was quick to learn of the inquiry and welcomed Johnson and his mother to visit his office for a visit. On the day of Johnson’s visit, big smiles painted the faces of those in McKernan’s office as he greeted Johnson.

Johnson excitedly asked McKernan how he was doing as he held out a keychain included in a bag of Gordon-branded promo made just for Johnson. The super fan and powerhouse attorney shared words, smiles, and even grabbed a few pictures together before Johnson left.