Top Three Reasons to Hire an Attorney after an Accident

Being involved in a car accident is frightening. Immediately after the accident, your primary concern is whether or not everyone is okay. Once the initial shock has worn off and the police and your insurance company have been contacted, however, it is time to consider whether or not you require an accident attorney in Baton Rouge. Not every accident will need the services of an attorney, but you will find that in certain situations, our experienced attorneys at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys can provide the assistance you need to get the compensation you deserve. Here are the top three reasons you should hire an attorney after an accident.

Assists in Determining the Viability of Your Case

After your accident, you may not be sure as to whether or not you have a case that would hold up in court. We have handled many accident cases, giving us the necessary skills to evaluate your specific case properly and thoroughly. Each case is different, and should be evaluated for eligibility according to state laws. Our company specializes in accident cases in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Alexandria, and the surrounding areas, giving us the knowledge needed to handle Louisiana accidents, as well as Texas and Mississippi cases according to that specific state’s laws. Some of the factors that will need to be evaluated are the associated time frames, who is found to be at fault, insurance coverage, the amount of compensation you are eligible for, and more. In addition, all of our consultation services are free of charge to you. In fact, you will not owe us anything unless we can win your case. Call us or use our convenient free evaluation form on our website today!

Helps You Understand Legalities

You probably do not have a law degree, and are most likely not well versed in insurance and personal injury laws. This can make the process of establishing a case difficult, as you attempt to wade through legal terms and paperwork. We can assist you in understanding the process, as well as in filling out the necessary paperwork correctly and on time. Every type of legal case requires certain steps to be performed in a specific manner; otherwise the case can be thrown out. Hiring a skilled attorney can better ensure that your case is not only heard, but that you receive the compensation you deserve. More likely than not, the insurance company will have hired their own skilled attorneys to take on their case. As a result, in order to have a better chance of receiving fair compensation, you should have your own experienced attorney on your side.

Establishes and Negotiates Your Case

Besides assisting with the initial paperwork, we will assist you in gathering the necessary items required to prove your case. While you focus on healing and returning to normal life, Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys will communicate with doctors’ offices, mechanics, claims adjustors, medical billing companies, and more to obtain repair estimates, receipts, billing information, medical records, and anything else that will establish your case. Our experienced attorneys will gather any evidence and facts of the case, including any witness accounts if available. We will speak to the other person’s insurance company as well as your own if necessary, and handle any negotiations. Our accident attorney in Baton Rouge will help you decide whether or not the case should be settled outside of court, or whether it should proceed to trial. Contact our office in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, or Alexandria for a free consultation.