18-Wheeler Truck Rollover on I-12 Near Hammond

WBRZ reports that mid-Sunday morning, April 30, 2023, a tractor trailer overturned on Interstate 12 near Hammond. While it’s currently unknown if the crash impacted traffic patterns on the highway, we do know that the driver was able to walk away, albeit with minor injuries.

While we can’t be certain what caused the driver to overturn their truck, the following are common reasons for truck wrecks in Louisiana:

Luckily, no one was majorly hurt as a result of this accident. But far too often, Louisianans are hurt or even killed because of big truck wrecks. Whenever you’re driving on the highway, be on the lookout for trucks and drive defensively. They can’t maneuver as well as passenger cars, and they will cause more damage to your vehicle than you do to theirs.